VC – eight, ape, ace, aim

CV – bay, day, hay, neigh, pay, say, 

CVC  – bake, cage, cake, cane, cape, case, cave, chase, date, face, game, gate, jail, lake, late, make, name, rake, rain, safe, sail, same, shape, tail, take, tape, wait, wave, weigh 

brain, chain, crane, grape, great, grey, plane, plate, play, sleigh, spade, spray, snake, snail, train, tray

2 syllable – angel, apron, baby, bacon, crayon, crazy, lady, paper, railway, sailor, waiter, 

How to produce this sound


Ay is made up of 2 sounds – ‘e’ and ‘ee’ .  Start with a smiling ‘e’ sound (like ‘egg’) and then slide into a longer ‘ee’ sound (like ‘wee’).

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