VC – in, ill, it, is, itch

CVC  – bib, big, bin, bit, dip, fill, fin, fish, hill, hit, kick, king, kiss, lick, mint, miss, pick, pig, pill, pin, pip, rib, ring, ship, sick, sing, sit, tin, tip, win, wing, wish, witch, zip

bridge, brick, chick, chin, chip, dish, drill, drip, fridge, six, skip, sting, string, swim

2 syllable – digger, finish, kitten, prickle, tickle, winner

How to produce this sound

The mouth is closed and smiling and a quick sound is made.

Simple way to begin is to make little mouse sounds. – iiiii.

In –  Games that require putting things ‘in’ are a repetitive way to practice this sound – ‘in’ the bag or ‘in’ the box etc.

Mouse games to practice the ‘i’ sound