VC – up, us,

CVC – bub, bug, bum, bun, bus, buzz, cup, cut, duck, fun, gum, huff, jug, love, luck, mug, mud, mum, nut, one, pup, rough, rub, run, shut, slug, some, sub, suck, sun, thumb, touch, tough, tub, under, young, yum, yuk,  

blood, brush, club, crush, drum, front, glove, jump, plug, plum, scrub, sponge, stuck, truck, 

2 syllable – brother, butter, bubble, bucket, bunny, button, colour, cover, cubby, cuddle, honey, hungry,  juggle, money, monkey, muffin, puddle, puzzle, rubbish, shovel, summer, under, yummy

How to produce this sound


Mouth is opened mid-full and a short sound is made.

‘Up’ is a simple target and very functional.  Building a block tower or picking up a child is great for repetition of ‘up’.

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  1.  ‘pup’ – use toy dogs and give them a  ‘brush ‘
  2. ‘bug’ – Bugs on leaves

  3. ‘bus’ – mouse on the bus game