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Help your children to communicate and interact with these 8 toddler games that require no toys.

1. Peek a boo

Use a blanket over your head or hide behind the couch!

2. Chasey

Chase your toddler and ‘catch’ him with tickles. Reverse roles too!

3. Hidey

Hide around the house or outside and call out your child’s name. Reverse roles again!

4. Clapping games

Pat-a-cake with hands or feet. High 5 everyone in the house including teddies.

5. Bath Times

Put bubbles on your nose or head and get your toddler to wipe them off.

6. Gardening

Let your child water the plants (or his feet) with a watering can. Help him fill up the can each time.

7. Action Songs

Row Your Boat, Twinkle Little Star and many more. Teach your child the actions. We have a post about songs and Nursery Rhymes to help language development.

8. Swings

Put your child in a blanket swing or real swing and push him. Face him and push the swing when he tells you.


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