VC – eye, ice,

CV – high, pie, tie

CVC  – bike, cry, dice, dive, dry, fight, five, fly, fry, hide, hive, kite, knife, light, like, line, lion, night, nine, mice, pipe, ride, rice, right, spy, sky, time, wipe, white, 

bride, drive, find, glide, slide, smile, spider,

2 syllable – diamond, pilot, pirate, rhino, tiger, 

How to produce this sound

Eye is made up of 2 sounds – ah and ee.  Mouth open for ‘ah’ and then slide into ‘ee’ smiling sound.

Eyes are your best first target here!

  1. Start with some ‘eye’ games. Put eyes on play dough faces or collages.

  2. Counting games – 5, 9.

  3. Animals in the zoo – lion, rhino, tiger, spider.