VC – ouch, ow, owl, out, hour,

CV – cow, now, wow, sour, 

CVC – couch, down, house, loud, mouse, mouth, pouch, shout, south, town, 

bounce, brown, cloud, clown, count, crown, found, ground, round, sound, 

2 syllables –  about, around, cowboy, flower, meow, mountain, outside, power, powder, shower, 

How to produce this sound


‘Ow ‘ is made up of 2 sounds – ‘ah’ and ‘oo’.  Open the mouth wide for ‘ah’ and then round the lips into the long ‘oo’ sound.

Lots of practice can be gained with ‘ow’ or ‘ouch’ !

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game ideas

  1. Vet/medical clinic.  Put bandaids on the animals where they have hurt themselves – ouch.

  2. Down – Up & down games are popular. Swing the child up and down or use block building.

  3. Out – taking objects’ out’ of a surprise bag.

  4. Cows – any farm activity here.