Hi! I’m Lyn and I love resources! Making them, using them, finding them and sharing them.

I have been a speech pathologist for over 30 years.  I know that both therapists and parents are time poor so it’s important to have resources that are easy, portable and ready to go!  Clinicians need resources that can be used again and again with different children (we can adapt things can’t we?!) and parents need homework that is no fuss and easy to use.

I am also an advocate for using less tech and more interactions during interventions. All the research indicates that young children need less screen time and more “people time”.  We know that children with speech and language difficulties benefit from one-to-one interactions with people who give them support and feedback.  This means that playing with objects or toys together provides a rich learning environment and a fabulous model for parents to copy at home.

I like using lots of paper based activities, board games and playing with toys together.  You will find on this website that most resources are for download for this reason.  It also sets up a model of social interaction for parents/carers to repeat at home.

My mission is to help you collect all the Essential SLP Materials that you can use again and again.  I want to help you organise your resources so that you can Grab & Go quickly and easily during your busy day and have homework ready for parents.

So, let’s get organised for another hectic day doing what we love!