VC/ VCC – add, am, an, ant, as, ash, at, axe, apple

CVC – badge, bag, bang, can, cap, cash, cat, catch, chat, Dad, fan, fat, ham, hat, lamb, man, map, mat, match, nap, pan, patch, rash, sad, tap, 

black, clam, clap, crab, crash, hand, plait, plank, snack, snatch, scratch, trap

2 syllable – apple, camel, cabbage, cracker, hammer, ladder, nappy, package, paddle, rabbit, 

how to produce this sound

The mouth is open mid-way with the tongue forward. This is a quick sound.

Ant, Hat, hand and ham – simple targets to begin.

download images members

  1. Ant stamping game (IKEA Stamps)

  2. Hand prints with tracing/ playdough

  3.  Bag game  – download here

  4. Hat games – download here