Word list for first word users


bad, better, big, broken, clean, cold, dry, fast, good, happy, heavy, high, hungry, hurt, little, loud, pretty, sad, sick, scared, thirsty, tired, wet, yukky.  

Colours – black, blue, green, red, yellow





 1.  Size games – big and little.

Get a collection of things to sort into a big box and a little box.  This can be anything from buttons to shoes!

2.  Washing games – wet, dry, dirty, clean

Set up a dolls clothes laundry for the dirty clothes and wash them.  You can also set a up a car wash!

3.  Doctor set – better, broken, sick, sad, tired, hurt, cold

4.  Car games – fast, heavy, loud, pretty, little, big, broken, colours

Sort the cars out into different colours.  Push them down a ramp to see how is the fastest!