treasure hunt game This can be played inside or outside! The child closes his eyes and you hide all the minis around the room or in the garden. Open your eyes! The child looks with /without help.  Hotter,colder!   Materials  Just your minis! Goals Phonology – using all your speechContinue Reading

feeding the puppet game The child feeds the minis to the puppet.  Make it exciting by giving the puppet some feelings – he likes it, he doesn’t like it, he spits out the food, etc Materials Puppet that has a big mouth that you can open/close Goal Ideas  Phonology targetsContinue Reading

Shopping game This is an easy win for using minis in therapy. Set up a “shop” to buy all the minis from the cashier.  You can take turns being the customer or the cashier.  The customer selects minis and puts them in a shopping bag.  The cashier scans and swipesContinue Reading