Word List

Initial ch

  • CV – chew, chair, cheer, choo-choo
  • CVC- chop, chip, chick, cheese, chase, chin, choose, chalk, church, cheap, check, chief, chess, chirp, chime, charm, chain, chat, chart, cheek, chunk, chook, chase
  • chest, chimp, champ, change, chance, child
  • 2/3 syllables – chicken, chocolate, children, cherry, cheetah, channel, chilli, champion, chimney, tuna, chewie

Medial ch

  • patches, matches, teacher, crutches, lunchbox, picture, statue, highchair, kitchen, nachos, beachball, crunchy, matching, witches, stitches

Final ch

  • VC – each, ouch, itch, arch
  • CVC – witch, watch, hatch, catch, couch, beach, lunch, peach, bench, stretch, reach, touch, branch, switch, latch, much, rich, coach, match, bunch, patch, such, march, perch, pouch, pinch, search, speech, launch, pitch, fetch, crouch, punch, teach, torch, porch, scratch
  • 2 syllables – sandwich, cockroach, hopscotch, ostrich, spinach

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Lunch Activity

Set up a sandwich bar or lunchtime activity for lots of 'ch' targets including; chips, cheese, sandwich, lunch, chop, chicken, and cherries and put them in the lunchbox.

Ch Mini Kit

Take a look at our mini toy kit which includes; a witch, chips, chickens, sandwich, cherry, cheese, stretchy man and more! Go to the SHOP for more info.

What's in the Witch's Kitchen

This book is an all time favourite in the clinic for children aged 3 and up. It has lots of 'ch' target words and has a flap option on each page.




This list is more suitable for children aged 3 years and up.  Lots of fun with cheese, chickens, witch, lunch!

  • What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?  Great book for ‘ch’ and ‘j’ words. Kids love the way each page can change from something ‘nice’ to something ‘yukky’.  Do you want strawberry tea or goblins wee?!  Words to Try– witch, kitchen, fridge, cheese, cherry tart, chocolate, pyjamas, jar.
  • Sam’s Sandwich. A funny pop up sandwich book with yukky things hiding in the filling.  A little girl makes her sandwich and her brother secretly adds in snails, slugs, caterpillars and other insects.  A great way to practice some ‘ch’ words like sandwich, cheese.  Words to Try- sandwich, cheese, ketchup
  • Super chicken. A crazy book for toddlers and younger children about a chicken who does ‘regular’ things and ‘super’ things.  Every page has a chance to practice target ‘chicken’.  Word to Try- chicken
  • Rascal & the Cheese. Rascal the dragon is a pet.  The family don’t know who has been stealing the cheese.  Find out!  Words to Try – cheese, kitchen.
  • Fish & Chips. This is an early reader / simple story.  Rabbit is a waiter in a fish and chips shop where there are many complaints! Many opportunities to practice ‘chips’.  Word to Try- chips
  • Meg on the Moon From the Meg the Witch series. Simple pictures and story line.  Words to Try – witch, cheese, jump, chips, lunch, chocolate, junk.
  • Lulu’s Lunch. A simple book for younger children with lots of great targets.  A tactile book with pieces to pull out.  Words to try– lunch, cheese, sandwich, jam, orange juice, chips.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk.  This traditional story is a longer book for older preschoolers.  However, many targets that can be repeated throughout the story.  Words to Try– Jack, magic beans, giantess, giant, chocolate, cheese, chips.
  • The Vegetable Patch. This is a longer book for preschoolers about a boy growing his own vegetable patch.  It has a nice sequenced storyline but can be shortened for children who need it.  The targets –patch, vegetables are repeated many times throughout.  More targets include – hedge, check, branch, lunch.  Words to Try- patch, vegetables, hedge, check, branch, lunch.
  • Goldilocks & the Three Bears. This traditional story is a great one for preschoolers practicing these sounds. Words to Try- porridge, chair.  The phrase- ‘just right’ is repeated throughout.
  • Tails chasing tails. This is a simple sequence book.  One animal chases another animal who chases another animal etc.  Every page has ‘chasing’ on it or you can do a sentence ‘the tiger chases a short brown tail’ etc.
  • Daddy Pig’s Old Chair. (Peppa Pig series).  A nice easy storyline for Peppa Pig fans and a great book for ch and j!  They are off to a jumble sale and get a chair.  Words to Try– jumble, choose, jack-in-the-box, chair, chocolate cake, chop.