Are you a speech pathologist with more toys, worksheets and small objects than you need?! Here are some ideas I use to try and harness it all in a more organised way.
  1. Put all your play kit themes into large plastic storage boxes.  We have about 30 different themes that can be picked up easily and moved from room to room.  Talk this through with parents as a nice way to organise their toy room and focus on targets for homework.
  2. Speech sounds boxes – we use little IKEA boxes labelled with the phoneme in IWP, MWP or FWP.  Each box contains up to 10 small toys/manipulatives targetting that sound for use in a variety of games.  We also have a set of articulation cards in these boxes.  Duplicate sets are great for loaning to families.
  3. Picture books are housed in magazine folders on the bookshelf.  You can group your favourite books by theme or speech sound or whichever system you are using.
  4. Story bags – we often use a recyclable shopping bag to contain the picture book, sequence cards and toy items for use in this type of activity.
  5. Hanging pocket charts.  These are great for A4 sized resources.  If you have laminated versions of activities they can be put directly into these hanging pockets or put in a plastic A4 wallet.
  6. Plastic divider boxes are great for organising/sorting activities.
  7. Pencil cases are easy, reusable and cheap.  We often use these to give away items or loan items to make it easier for them to come back!


Zip up pencil cases are ideal for loaning mini objects or cards to parents!