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Is your desk (admin area) a mess of paperwork, assessment forms, toys, stationery and picture cards?

I used to dump all of my work into piles on my desk but this created admin fatigue and general dissatisfaction!  It’s pretty hard to keep it clear but at the start of each term I like to clear the decks and put myself in a good position for that term.

Here’s what I keep at my fingertips!

  1. Magazine folders of
    • Assessment forms and checklists.
    • DLD resources
    • Sounds Write resources
    • Resources I am currently working on
  2. Spiral bound workbooks of
    • Articulation – all sounds in all word positions
    • Minimal pairs
    • Vowels
    • Sounds Write Word Lists
  3. Complete Articulation Minis Set
  4. Nuffield cards – just the initial sound picture cards
  5. Hand sanitiser
  6. Pens in a pen pot
  7. Receipts on a spike
  8. Chargers for phone and ipad

Other things seem to creep onto my desk during the term. sigh.

What about your clinic table??

I have 2 toddler sized chairs, 1 primary school sized chair and an adult chair with an adjustable clinic table. (Officeworks).

Again, this can get cluttered but I tend to clear it at the end of every day as we know it needs to stay uncluttered for clients.

  1. Sanitiser and tissues
  2. Whiteboard, markers and rubber
  3. Alphabet magnetic tiles
  4. Caddy filled with stamps, stickers, pens, dice, Chipper chat wand, scissors, novelty erasers

The caddy can just be picked up and removed if it’s a distraction.

All of my other resources are kept out of reach.