VC – egg

CVC – bed, bell, bet, check, end, get, head, hen, jet, leg, let, men, mess, neck, net, pet, pen, peck, peg, red, sell, shed, shell, ten, vet, web, well, wet, 

bread, dress, smell, nest, spell, tent, 

2 syllables – better, jelly, lemon, letter, teddy, tennis, yellow

How to produce this sound


Open the mouth slightly with the tongue a bit forwards.  Smile and make a quick sound.

Egg is a simple target to start with.

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  1. ‘Egg’ is the best word to start with here. Use plastic Easter eggs or cardboard egg cartons and fill them up.

  2. Lego is also another functional word – putting legs on Lego men or heads.

  3. Dolls house – put ted to bed

  4. Bath time – wash and get wet.  Wash legs, head, neck.