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Animals and animal noises are some of the first sounds toddlers make.

  • Talk about pets and other animals you see
  • Sing ‘old MacDonald’ and make all the animal sounds
  • Take a trip to the zoo or a farm

Word List - Early Word Acquisition

bee, bird, bug, bunny, cat, chicken, cow, dog, duck, fish, horse, kitten, mouse, pig, puppy, sheep

Download the take-home word list below.

Play Themes

Make sure you have some different wooden farm animals and accessories like trees, food, fences and a tractor.

Here are some ideas for play themes to encourage transport related vocabulary.

1. Farm play

Set up a farm with animals, fences, water troughs and a farmer. You can also use fake grass or a mat for the ‘farm area’. Practice all the animal names and sounds.

2. Vet play

A fun way to develop pretend play skills as well as animal vocabulary. All the animals need to have a bandage or medicine. You can name the animals, body parts and actions.

Toys I Love at Kmart

Farm animals
Plush animals
Animal puzzle
Farm station

Downloads & Worksheets

Kids Books

Books about Farms are a great addition to your bookshelf.  They are good for copying animal noises (eg. baa,  moo) and  animal actions (eg. ‘quack’ action with hands opening and closing).  Toddlers can also practice using little phrases (eg.  cow eating grass,   more ducks).

Here are some of our favourites for toddlers learning to talk.

  • Baby Touch & Feel Farm Animals. One of our favourites for babies from 6 months.  Clear photos with few distractions and easy to copy animal sounds.  Words to Try – dog, sheep, duck, cow.
  • Noisy Farm. More clear photos but with giant flaps to lift up and say the animal noises.  Speech Goals – animal noises
  • Spot on the Farm. Another classic Spot book with all the farm animal sounds to make.
  • Little Hide & Seek Farm. This is quite a busy book with lots of images on each page – more suited to older toddlers.  There are images to match and also things to look for.  You can either make the animal noises or try single words and phrases here. (where’s dog?)  (red apples).
  • Noisy Farm. This is an old classic by Rod Campbell.  Toddlers can name the animals as the dog says hello woof!  Lift the flaps and say ‘hello pig‘ etc.  Also you can phrases such as ‘he found a …..sheep’.
  • Oh Dear!  Another Rod Campbell classic.  Follow the little boy as he looks in each animal’s home to find the eggs for breakfast.  Name the animals as you go (horse, pig).  Also you can introduce a negative (‘no eggs‘) on each page until he finds them at the end.  Younger babies can just shake their head.’
  • Maisy’s Morning on the Farm. Maisy books are generally clear drawings with a simple, well known theme.  Maisy has lots of jobs to do on the farm – feeding the animals, milking the cow.  This is a great book for older toddlers to develop some nice phrases and action words (verbs).  eg.  Maisy feeds pigs,  Maisy getting eggs.
  • On the Farm.  A book for 2-3 yr old.  Each page has a farm scene – (vege patch, farmyard etc) with plenty of vocabulary to look at and talk about.  This is a great book for playing a spotting game (can you find the……. bucket) and also for introducing new words to your child’s vocabulary – henhouse,  capsicum etc.
  • On the Farm ( Magnetic Book). These little magnetic scene books are great for 3 year olds.  You can use the magnets again and again to make up different colourful scenes.  Really good for building vocabulary and imagination!  eg  Pigs rolling in the mud,  I put the horse there.