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Describing words 

  • Talk about colours and sizes of things
  • Wet / dry, dirty / clean can be used at bathtime.
  • Transport items can be fast/slow.

Word Lists

bad, better, big, broken, clean, dry, fast, good, happy, hungry, little pretty, sad.

Download our take-home word list below.

Play Themes

Here are some ideas for play themes to encourage words / attributes.

1. Size games (big/little)

Get a collection of things to sort into a big box and a little box. This can be anything from buttons to shoes!

2. Washing games (wet/dry)

Set up a dolls clothes laundry for the dirty clothes and wash them. You can also set a up a car wash!

3. Car games (fast/slow)

Sort the cars out into different colours. Push them down a ramp to see how is the fastest!

4. Doctor Kit

Lots of describing words such as sick, better, sad, tired, cold, hot.

Toys I Love at Kmart

Doctor kit
Bath set
Multi shape stacker
Race track tower

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