Toys I Like from Kmart

Mr Potato Head
My Funny Face magnetic set
Doll / Teddy
Bath set

Play themes

Body parts are often the first words I target when a child has no words.

  • The vowels – ‘eye’ and ‘ear’ – are useful vowels.
  • ‘Arm’ can be shaped from open mouth ‘ah’.
  • ‘Hair’ is another easy early word.
  • Go to vowels – if your child needs more help with shaping these early words.

There are lots of opportunities in the day to talk about body parts – in the bath, getting dressed, wiping mouth and hands, nappy change etc.

Here are some ideas for play themes to encourage body related vocabulary.

1. Mr Potato Head

This classic toy is great for naming body parts as you make th figure.

2.  Playdough Faces

Roll the playdough into a head, mouth, nose, eyes.  You can also use playdough mats to make more elaborate faces.

3. Magnetic faces or body sets

There are lots of magnetic or paper books with character faces to make. You can make a witch’s face or funny face.

4. Bathing dolls

Use a toy bath (or real) to wash dolls or teddies. You can wash ‘face’ or ‘dirty feet’ or ‘dry hair’.