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I have been working as a speech pathologist since 1990.  Over this time I have accumulated a lot of resources across three different websites – BusyBugKits, SpeechBookShelf and BabyChatter.  This website is an amalgamation of this work.  I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients!


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Initial f

Medial f

dolphin, starfish, muffin, cafe’, coffee, wafer, office, waffle, earphone, breakfast, sofa, trophy, elephant, nephew, toffee, raffle

Final f

  • VC – off
  • CVC – knife, half, laugh, calf, cough, loaf, reef, chief,  roof, safe, chef, hoof, tough, thief, life, rough, huff, puff, surf, leaf
  • stuff, dwarf, sniff, cliff, scarf, 
  • 2 syllables – giraffe, enough 

Download a handy Word List here for the fridge !

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picture books

This list has many ‘f’ sounds such as feet, fish, four, five.  Books mostly appropriate for preschoolers.

Whose Feet are These?.  A guessing book with lots of feet to identify.  Great for younger children as the animals are easy to identify as they open the flap

Words to Try -feet.   Phrases– ducks feet, frog’s feet. 

One Fish, Two Fish by Dr Seuss.  This classic book with its rhyming pattern provides some solid practice at ‘fish’.  The use of the text is also good for early readers.

Words to Try – fish.  Phrases– 1 fish, 2 fish etc

Spot Goes to the Farm.   This lift the flap book about Spot shows him looking at the animals on the farm. Very simple book for toddlers.

Words to Try – farm, find, feed, calf, foal.

Hooray for Fish.  This book has every imaginable coloured fish.  A very colourful book with a lsightly longer story line.  Due to the descriptions, it is ideal for phrase level – big fish.

Phrases– big fish, spotty fish, scary fish, thin fish.

The Three Little Pigs .  This classic fairy tale has the three little pigs off to build their houses. Watch out for the wolf on the roof!  There are many opportunities to chant ‘I’ll huff and puff’.

Words to Try– first (pig), wolf, roof.   Phrases– ‘I’ll huff & I’ll puff’.

Old McDonald .  Nursery rhymes provide many opportunities for practising the same word! Your child can either finish your sentence ‘Old Mcdonald had a…..’ or have practice at the whole sentence.

Word to Try – farm.

Spot Counts to Ten by Eric Hill.  Any counting books are great for ‘f’ practice.  This is a simple counting book for Spot fans.

Words to Try– four, five, seven.

Maisy Takes a Bath. Maisy is having a bath amid lots of interruptions.  All her friends keep coming to the door as she gets in!

Words to Try – off,   socks off,  shoes off.

Don’t Put your Finger in the Jelly .  This cute book has a finger hole in every page for a child to use! As they turn the page, the food turns into something else!

Words to Try – finger, food.

That’s not my fairy.  From the ‘That’s not my’ series.  Very short easy book for toddlers.  You can practice ‘fairy’ on every page.

Words to Try– fairy,  not my fairy.

 One Mole digging a Hole. Another counting book with clear simple rhyming pictures.

Words to Try– four, five, foxes.

The Foggy Foggy Forest.  This rhyming book has a shadow of something on one page and then the picture on the next page.  Great for guessing or keeping the suspense!  Your child can join in with ‘foggy foggy forest’ chant on each page or just ‘forest’ depending on ability.

Words to Try– foggy, forest, elf, fairy.