• bath, bed, chair, couch, cupboard, door, drawer, fridge, shower, sink, stairs, stove, table, toilet, TV, room, window.


 Furniture Flashcards Download here


KMart & Big W have many doll house /small animal themed furniture sets.

IKEA has a very affordable set of miniature furniture and a ‘playboard’ house. You can use a cardboard box to make a ‘dollhouse’.


1. Doll play 

Use the furniture in the doll’s house to play out your words – doll in bed,  close the fridge etc.

2. Treasure Hunt 

Hide some ‘treasure’ around the house. Talk about where it might be – in the fridge etc.

3. Labelling 

Use photo labels to stick on furniture around the house.



Where’s Spot?

A classic book with lots of flaps to look under and great location words to say.

 Target examples – under the stairs /  in the clock.

 Where’s Maisy?  &  Where is Maisy’s Panda?

Similar to the Spot classic. Look under the flaps for Maisy.

Target examples  – in the toybox /  in the house.

Fox’s Socks

The fox can’t find his socks.  Lift the flaps to look for the socks on each page.

Target examples – in the chest / under the stairs.

What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?

A fun book with pop up pages that can be moved two ways.  You can look in and under things for the witch’s concoctions.

Target examples – in the toaster / in the fridge.

Sizzles, where are you?

From the Charlie and Lola series.  Sizzles the dog has hidden or got lost – can you find him under the flaps?

Target examples – in the kitchen / at the park