Word List

Initial g

  • CV – go, guy
  • CVC– gone, gum, girl, goat, gate, goose, give, game, goal, good, guess, guard, gown, get
  • gift, gold, ghost
  • 2 syllables – guitar, garden, goggles, gorilla, garage, gecko, garlic, goldfish, guinea pig

Medial g

  • eagle, dragon, tiger, sugar, again, wagon, burger, juggle, seagull, magazine, alligator, yoga, luggage, kangaroo, spaghetti, yoghurt

Final g

  • VC – egg
  • CVC – dog, big, bug, leg, pig, mug, dig, wig, jug, hug, bag, peg, 
  • plug, flag, frog,  slug

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