handy word list

VC – eat, eel, eek, eve

CV – bee, key, knee, he, me, pea, see, she, tea, wee    

CVC – bead, bean, beach, beak, beep, cheese, feet, heat, leaf, leash, meat, peach, read, seal, seat, seed, sheep, ski, sweet, team, teeth, weed, 

cream, clean, dream, green, jeans, queen, sleeve, street, sweep, three, tree 

2 syllable – baby, beehive, coffee, lady, monkey, money, peacock, trolley

How to produce this sound


‘Ee’ is another beginning sound. It is a smiling sound.  Mouth is closed and lips spread with a long sound.

‘Eat’ is a nice word to start with – feed a puppet or a teddy for this game. There are lots of CV words too – pea, bee, tea, key, he, she, weewee.

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game ideas

  1. Feed the puppet / doll.  You can have lots of foods to tell the puppet to ‘eat’
  2. Bee stamping game

  3. Doctor set – put a bandaid on all the sore knees.

  4. Tea party  – serve everyone ‘tea’