Word List

Initial k

  • CV – key, car, cow, core
  • CVC– cake, calf, can, cave, cap, case, cape, cane, catch, comb, coin, cone, corn, coat, cook, cut, card, kite, king, curl, call, kiss, kick, cage, kid, couch, cough, keep, cork, cat, cup, cot, cub, come, cash, code, coop, cold, camp, cost
  • 2/3 syllables – colour, carrot, candle, cushion, kitten, cookie, camel, carry, castle, coffee, coral, cabin, kitchen, cafe, kettle, carkey, koala, kiwi, kindy, kennel, careful, custard, cuddle, cockroach, camera, kangaroo, cordial, computer

Medial k

  • chicken, pocket, bucket, donkey, soccer, bacon, tacos, ticket, rocket, jacket, peacock, pickle, second, yucky, circle, circus, monkey, pumpkin, broken, gecko, hockey, turkey, popcorn, tickle, 

Final k

  • VC – ark, oak, ache
  • CVC – cake, bake, rake, lake, beak, peck, pick, sock, sick, make, lick, neck, knock, suck, sack, shark, bike, book, hook, walk, rock, lock, yuk, cook, clock, fork, park, check, work, cheek, duck, dark, snake, clock, snack, stick, stuck, break, truck, block, black, drink
  • 2/3 syllables – music, magic, cupcake, peacock, padlock, kayak, unlock, awake, pancake, backpack, picnic

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Keys & Locks

Lots of car keys, door locks and padlocks are great fun and provide lots of repetitions.

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Birthday Cake

A wooden birthday cake is always a winner! Keep party hats, blowers, plates and candles with it for a great theme. - cake, candle, cut, cup, bake, fork, drink.

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Premium Downloads

Kids Books

Our list of favourite books focussing on ‘k’ sounds.  Cakes, kisses, duck, stuck!  Books suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Spot Bakes a Cake .  Spot makes a birthday cake with his mum.  They get everything ready for Dad’s birthday including a card and cake.  An easy lift the flap Spot book.  Speech Goals  – cake, cook, egg, lick.
  • Wake up Do, Lydia Lou!     This story has both a nice rhyming text and a simple sequence.  A number of animals come with a friendly ghost to see if they can wake up the sleeping Lydia Lou.  There are both k and g targets in this story.  Words to try – ghost, cow, cat, chicken, tickle.
  • Scared or Not Mr Croc?  The Mr Croc series is very colourful with popups and tabs to pull.  Great for keeping more active toddlers engaged. Usually there is a repetitive sentence throughout the book.  Words to try – croc, knock.
  •  Into the Forest.  This story is a mixture of a few old fairy tales (Hansel & Gretel, Big Bad Wolf) and of a little boy going to his grandmother’s house with a cake.  It is suitable for a kindy or preschooler and has lots of target words.  Words to try – cake, cow, cold, coat, cutting, come / came.
  • What does Cow Say .  This cute flap book has a sequence of animals waking up in the morning.  On each page is a different animal with a mouth that pops open.  Children can open the mouth and say the animal sound.  Words to try – cow, donkey, duck, chicken.
  • 5 Little Ducks .  Repetitive nursery rhymes are a great way for children to generalise a sound in sentences.  The tune and repetition are helpful.  This nursery rhyme is great for repetition of the same target words.  Words to try – duck, quack, came back.
  • That’s not my Car .  From the ‘That’s not my…’ series.  Touch and feel board books suitable for toddlers.  Great for repeating ‘car’ or phrases ‘green car’ etc.  Words to try – car /  not my car. 
  • Cat in the Hat by Dr Suess.  This old favourite has the word ‘cat’ repeated many many times through the book.  Words to try – cat.
  • Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. This longer story about a stick man who gets lost has a very predictable rhyming pattern.   Suitable for older preschoolers with much detail in the story and pictures.  Words to try – stick man.   Repeated phrase – ‘Stick man oh stick man that’s me!’
  • Fox’s Socks.  A lift the flap book where fox looks all over the house for his missing socks.  Is it under the stairs?  Is it in the kitchen?  A simple story for younger children.  Words to try – sock,  kitchen, clock.
  • Hide and Seek Pig.  (From the same series).  Pig and chicken are playing hide and seek in this lift the flap book.   Again a very simple story for toddlers.  Great for final position k.  Words to try – pig, seek, chook (hen).
  • Counting Kisses .  This book counts down from 10 to 1.  Ten kisses on ten toes and so on.  Each page has another picture of baby being kissed by mum or dad or granny.  This board book for toddlers is great for repeating one word.  Word to try – kiss.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This old favourite has many ‘k’ words during the story.  As the caterpillar eats his way through all the food, he gets sick before turning into a butterfly.  Words to try – caterpillar, cocoon, cake, pickle, sick.
  • The Doorbell Rang.  Mum has made some cookies for the children to share.  However, more kids keep arriving at the door just as they are about to eat them.  A predictable theme and cumulative story.  Words to try – cookies,  good, come in.
  • If you give a mouse a cookie.   This book is suitable for preschoolers as it has a slightly longer storyline.  The mouse first wants a cookie, then a glass of milk and so on and so on.  Words to Try – give, cookie, milk, go.