Initial l

  • CV – lie, lay, low
  • CVC- lime, like, lick, lock, log, light, leaf, love, look, like, lamb, line, lip, long, loud, leg,
  • last, lunch, lamp, lounge
  • 2 syllables – lemon, listen, lolly, listen, lion, lazy, lantern, lucky, ladder, lady, little, lawn mower

Medial l

  • lolly, silly, melon, balloon, police, salad, pillow, dollar, olive, sailor, jelly, ruler, wallet, yellow, vanilla, koala, elephant

Final l

  • VC – eel, owl, all, ill, oil
  • CVC – pool, cool, reel, ball, kneel, nail, seal, shell, whale, sail, girl, wall, cool, bell, tail, tall, boil, curl, roll, fall, feel, mail, pull, soil, tool, pearl, peel, wheel, towel, doll, bull, 
  • smell, small, smile, crawl, snail, skull, drill, stool, spill, trail, school
  • 2/3 syllables – bottle, puddle, kettle, camel, tunnel, pencil, shovel, crocodile, puzzle, apple, cereal


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Our list of ‘l’ books has a range of focus words such as lion, lolly, snail & whale.  There are some books for toddlers and others for kindy aged children.

  • That’s not my Lion. A board book from the ‘That’s not my’ Series suitable for toddlers. Each page has some touch and feel bits you can talk about.  Lots of opportunities to say the target ‘lion’.  Word to Try– lion.
  • That’s not my Lamb. Same series again with targets – lamb, woolly.  Words to Try– lamb, woolly.
  • Aliens Love Underpants. Aliens have come to Earth to look for their favourite things – Underpants!  There are many opportunities to practice like/love.  They ‘like big undies’  or ‘love red undies’.  There is also the medial ‘l’ in alien to practice.  Words to Try– love, like, alien.
  • Lola the Lollipop Fairy (sticker book).  This sticker dress up book is great for learning.  It  has 5 fairies called Lola, Lulu, Linda, Lisa, Lara so plenty of opportunities here for saying these words whilst dressing up the fairies!  Plenty of lollies to talk about too!  Words to Try– ‘Lola’s shoes’ , ‘socks for Lisa’ ‘stick on Lara’.
  • The Jolly Postman.  This book has some life-size envelopes for children to take out the ‘letters’.  So many great ways to practice phrase level such as ‘cat’s letter’  ‘big letter’  ‘letter for dog’.  Words to Try– letter.  Phrases– cat’s letter, big letter, letter for dog.
  • The Grouchy Ladybug /  The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. This cut out book shows a ladybug wanting to fight a variety of animals.  Target word ‘ladybird’ can be practiced on each page.  There are also some l blends to practice – fly, o’clock.  Words to Try– ladybug.
  • Look what I’ve got! A beautifully illustrated book  about a greedy boy who taunts another boy everytime he gets a new present. A good book to practice the word ‘Look” or the sentence  ‘Look what I’ve got!’  Phrase to Try– Look what I’ve got!
  • Koala Lou. A sweet rhyming text about a koala and her mum.  Lots and lots of practice at the phrase ‘Koala Lou I do Love you’.  Many other chances to practice the word ‘love’ and also medial targets – koala, Olympics.  Words to Try– love, Koala Lou, Olympics.
  • Willy the Champ. Another beautifully illustrated book about a small chimp called Willy who is bullied by bigger gorillas.  A great book for medial words – Willy, Millie, gorilla.  Also more chances with initial targets – like, laugh.  Words to Try– like, laugh, Willy, Millie, gorilla.
  • We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt. This is similar to the book  We’re going on a Bear Hunt with the same repeating lyrics.  You can use the carrier phrase ‘We’re going on a Leaf Hunt’ on most pages.  There are also other phrase level targets such as ‘maple leaves’  ‘birch leaves’.  The phrase ‘let’s go!’ is also repeated throughout the story.  Phrases to Try– We’re going on a leaf hunt,  Let’s go!,  maple leaves.
  • The Gruffalo. This classic book about a mouse meeting the Gruffalo has lots of opportunities for practicing the targets – little, lunch.  There are also many practice trials for medial targets – Gruffalo, silly, hello.  Words to Try– little, lunch,  Gruffalo, silly, hello.
  • Guess How Much I Love you.  This well known book is great for practicing the phrase ‘I love you’ which is on almost every page.  ‘Little’ is also used to describe the rabbit many times too.  Words to Try– little,  I love you
  • Brown Bear What do you see? This rhyming text has a very distinct beat.  You can use sentence completion on each page with I see a ……. to elicit the target ‘looking at me’.
  • Lulu’s Lunch.  Very cute, brightly illustrated board book for toddlers from the Lulu series.  Many tabs to lift and some ‘real’ spaghetti.  You can use each page to target words Lulu or likes or lunch.
  • Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes.  A cute book about babies with a solid rhyming text.  At least 20 opportunities to say the word ‘little’ or the phrase ‘ten little fingers / toes’.
  • The Snail and the Whale.  The ultimate book for final ‘l’.  If you need a book with many end ‘l’ sounds then this is it!  A snail goes on an adventure on a whale’s tail.   Words to Try– snail, whale, sail, school, pool, cool, trail, tail, crawl, small.
  • Whose Legs are These? A nice simple picture book about different animals.  Your child can talk about how each animal has different legs.
  • Rosie Sips Spiders. This series of books by Alison Lester can be difficult to find.  However, if you do manage to get one, they have a lovely repetitious storyline of seven children with different likes/dislikes.  Ideal for practicing at sentence level. Rosie likes juice,  Clive likes milk ….Phrase to Try– Rosie likes juice.