VC – oak, oat, own, avo (avocado), open, over, 

CV – bow, dough, go, know, low, mow, no, row, sew, show, toe,

CVC – boat, bone, both, coach, coat, code, cone, foam, goat, home, hope, hose, joke, loaf, nose, phone, poke, road, robe, rope, rose, show, soak, soap, toad, woke, yolk, 

blow, broke, crow, don’t, drove, float, froze, globe, grow, most, post, roast, slow, smoke, stove, throat, throw, toast, 

2 syllables – below, doughnut, gecko, hippo, mango, only, open, piano, pillow, play dough, potato, rainbow, shadow, window, yellow, zero

How to produce this sound

Mouth open and lips get rounder and rounder as the sound continues. (nearly into ‘w’)

  1.  Cars and roads – Push the cars on the ‘road’ and say ‘go!’

  2. Nose – any face games here.  Also download below.

  3. Bubbles – ‘blow’