VC – odd, on, off,

CVC – box, chop, cot, cough, dog, doll, fog, fox, gone, got, hop, hot, job, knock, lock, lot, moss, moth, mop, pop, pot, rock, shop, sock, spot, stop, top, watch, wash, wrong, yacht

block, clock, cross, drop, frog, salt, squash, swan, wand, want, wasp

2 syllable – bottle, bottom, coffee, dollar, goggles, lolly, office, potty, rocket, sausage,  toddler, waffle, wallet, 

How to produce this sound


Open the mouth and round the lips.  Make a quick sound. 

On and off are simple early targets.

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game ideas

  1. Any battery operated game with a switch (or a torch!) that can be turned on/off.

  2. Bubbles – pop!

  3. Stop – cars and trains with a ‘stop’ sign.

  4. Tea party or cooking. – making things ‘hot’.