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Do you find yourself searching for bits & pieces all the time before a session?  Where did that spoon go for the tea set?  It’s pretty frustrating when you have clients waiting.

We have put all our themed role play sets into clear plastic boxes  (35x23x13cm) with a BIG label with a picture. (Very speechie of us!). Talk this through with parents as a nice way to organise their toy room and focus on targets for homework. Our boxes are all stored together and cover a range of well-known themes including;

  1. Cafe’
  2. Uber eats
  3. Pizza making
  4. Fruit and Vegetable Sets
  5. Juicer / Blender
  6. Hairdresser
  7. Birthday Party
  8. Sandwich Set
  9. Vet Set / Dog Grooming set
  10. First Aid kit / Doctor
  11. Gardening & Insects
  12. Home Office
  13. Fairy Garden
Once it is organised, you just need to pick up the box for your session and pop it all back in at the end.

Themed Labels

Label all your themed role play boxes.  Print, laminate and stick to your plastic storage box that you can fill with all the themed toy items required.  Excellent way to show parents/carers a strorage system for their own items.