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I have been working as a speech pathologist since 1990.  Over this time I have accumulated a lot of resources across three different websites – BusyBugKits, SpeechBookShelf and BabyChatter.  This website is an amalgamation of this work.  I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients!


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Initial p

  • CV – pea, pie, poo, pa, pear, paw, purr, pay, pour. 
  • CVC– pack, page, pan, park, part, pat, patch, path,  peach, pearl, peck, peel, peg, pen, pet, pick, piece, pig, pill, pin, pine, pip, pipe, poke, pool, pork, port, pop, puff, pull, purse, puss, push
  • 1 syllable – paint, pinch, pink, point,  post, pump,
  • 2 syllables – panda, parrot, pedal, pirate, party, pony, potty, pizza, pancake, popcorn, people, petal, puppet, pilot, puppy, pasta, packet, pyjama, palace, parcel, pencil, people, pillow, picnic, pirate, pocket, possum, puddle, purple

Medial p

happy, open, hippo, nappy, apple, teapot, paper, Peppa, sleeping, puppet

Final p

  • VC – up
  • CVC – cup, shop, ship, tap, rip, stop, zip, soup, sheep, tape, soap, sleep, rope, wrap, pop, top, sweep, hoop, mop
  • 2 syllables – asleep

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