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There is a special group of toddlers who often come into the clinic for assessment.  They have good comprehension but very few words.  They are a joy to work with and often respond quite quickly to some easy strategies.

One of these strategies is immersing them in playsounds and encouraging parents to model these sounds in a fun way with lots of praise.  Take the focus off words and get some nice practice at imitation whilst playing.

We have a Playsounds Basket.  This is a well-used resource in our clinic.  It is a collection of objects that can be used to model lots of playsounds.  I like being able to grab it from a drawer, knowing that there are lots of different sounds we can use in the session.  Saves me collecting lots of bibs and bobs from different sets.

It can easily be replicated at home.  I mention to parents that a bag of similar toys is great to keep so that they can pull it out and play with it multiple times with no preparation needed.

Our Playsounds Basket contains;

  • flower (to smell)
  • animals
  • watch
  • watering can
  • spider / scary item
  • finger puppet
  • car

Homework Ideas

If this is a goal for home, I also like to give lots and lots of examples for parents to use.  This includes the sounds/noises you use with each toy or item and a play schema to implement it in.  

You can download this Playsounds Booklet to give parents which contains ways to use playsounds with;

  • Animal sets
  • Doctor Play
  • Cars
  • Teddy/Doll play
  • Bath time