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I have been working as a speech pathologist since 1990.  Over this time I have accumulated a lot of resources across three different websites – BusyBugKits, SpeechBookShelf and BabyChatter.  This website is an amalgamation of this work.  I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients!


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My Top 5 Resources for Polysyllables

1.  Chimp Fu App by Nessy

Great fun and always requested by my early primary students .  Suitable for Yr 2 and above as it requires some reading skills.

Different ways of ‘karate chopping’ words (syllabification) are demonstrated.  Whilst some of these rules might be argued a bit, the common thread of breaking up  longer words for reading is a good one.

2.  Top Dogs by Djeco

I found this game yesterday!  The dog names are all 2 syllables and you sound swap them to make a new name.  Great for 2 players. Each person places a card down and the first person to call out the new name wins the cards.

3.  Syllables Buzzle Spinner Game by Smart Kids

This is a (longish) Board Game for up to 4 players.  Spin the arrow to see how many spaces to advance your token.  Then count the syllables and check if you are right by removing the puzzle piece with the answer below it.

4.  Syllable Types Workbook from Spelfabet

All the Spelfabet workbooks are amazing! These worksheets are self explanatory and great for homework.  You can find them here.

5.  Compound Words by KizClub

Free worksheets to cut up and make compound words from.  Nice visuals for early learners (or non readers).  You can download it for free here.

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