Imaginative Play themes can be boxed so that you can easily access them and pop them away after use.

Here are some play boxes we use all the time.  They can be used for both assessment and intervention.

These 20L boxes from Kmart or Officeworks are just the right size for storing each theme.  Put a label on each box for easy storage.  Click here for labels.

** You will need to adapt your themed boxed according to your demographic, community and caseload.  Speechies are good at adapting!

Ezy 20L Storage Containers Value 4 Pack

Role Play boxes with real size objects (click for more info)
      1. Medical or vet play
      2. Mum’s Handbag
      3. Hair salon, beauty salon & jewellery box
      4. Sandwich Set
      5. Home office
      6. Juicer / Smoothie maker
      7. Pizza
      8. Coffee or tea party
      9. Flowers or garden
      10. Shopping
      11. Ice creamery
      12. Birthday party
      13. Making cupcakes
      14. Fruit salad
      15. Vege soup
      16. Baby role play
      17. Letterbox
Role Play boxes with mini sized / doll house sized objects.
      1. Fairy garden
      2. Rubbish truck
      3. Farm
      4. Zoo
      5. pets
      6. pirate


Download these labels for your boxes.