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Ch – Minis Kit


The ‘CH’ Kit is a compact storage box filled with mini objects, a small tray, nests, multiple chickens and hatched eggs.

This box contains;

  • 8 mini objects in ‘ch’ initial position
  • 8 objects in ‘ch’ final position.
  • 6 chickens
  • 6 eggs hatching
  • 6 nests
  • a small tray for the chickens

The mini objects target ‘Ch’  initial and final word position. A 35 page matching PDF workbook includes a host of games to use with these objects;

  • matching picture/object Bingo
  • Feeding games
  • Scene boards to add the objects to
  • Quizzes and association games

The multiple ‘chickens’ and ‘eggs’ in your box allow for increasing repetitions in your practice.  This also means you can get lots of phrase level targets – mother chicken, green hatchie etc.

Homework pages (which do not need minis) can be given to carers for extra practice.

Children love looking through the box and there is so much incidental practice / clause level targets that occur naturally.

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Add some more motivation and excitement to your articulation games repertoire!

You can use them with the PDF Workbook or in your own therapy goals/ therapy approach.

NB – Contains small parts – not for children under 3 years of age.  Use under adult supervision as an adjunct to a speech pathology program.

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