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Sh – Minis Kit


This box contains;

  • 8 mini objects in ‘sh’ initial position
  • 8 objects in ‘sh’ final position.
  • several fish in a small tin
  • fishing rod
  • collection of shells

The ‘SH’ Kit is a compact storage box filled with mini objects, a small tin of fish and a fishing rod.  The mini objects target ‘Sh’  initial and final word position. A 35 page matching PDF workbook includes a host of games to use with these objects;

  • matching picture/object Bingo
  • Fishing game
  • Scene boards to add objects
  • Quizzes and association games

There are multiple ‘shells’ and ‘fish’ in your box for increasing repetitions in your practice.  This also means you can get lots of phrase level targets – shiny shell, pink fish.

Many of the objects have a magnetic loop which can be used in the fishing game. (“I caught a rubbish bin!”)

Homework pages (which do not need minis) can be given to carers for extra practice.

Children love looking through the box and there is so much incidental practice / clause level targets that occur naturally.

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Add some cute trinkets to jazz up your therapy session!

You can use them with the PDF Workbook or in your own therapy goals/ therapy approach.

NB – Contains small parts – not for children under 3 years of age.  Use under adult supervision as an adjunct to a speech pathology program.

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