You can download an informal screener for all initial blends (s blends, r blends, l blends, w blends). This screener has one picture for every initial blend to help with target setting.

An informal screener for final blends can be downloaded. This screener has one picture for all final blends in words – (eg st-ghost,  sk -desk,  lk – milk,  lp – help. etc)

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Initial r blends
  • br – brain, brown, breathe, broom, bread, brim, bring, brew, break, brush, breeze, broken, broccoli, bright, brick, bride,
  • cr – crab, cry, croc, crib, crow, cross, crown, crack, crane, crawl, crust, crazy, creak, croak, crime, cream, crisp, creep, crepe, crumb, crate, crowd, crash, crush, create, cruise, crunch, cradle, crouch, crutches, crayon, creepy-crawly, crack, cricket, crooked, crown, crystal, crumble, crumpet, cracker, crunchy, crinkle, Christmas, creature, crossing, crayfish, crossword, crocodile, crosswalk.
  • dr – dry, draw, drop, drag, drip, drum, drive, drink, dress, dryer, dream, drill, drake, drone, drawers, drain, dragon,
  • fr – free, fry, friend, from, free, frog, fries, frame, front, frost, frown, froth, fresh, fruit, frill, freeze, fridge, freezer, frypan, frost, fright, fringe, frozen, frosty, fragile, freckles, frisbee,
  • gr – grow, grey, grub, grab, grid, granny, grip, grin, group, great, green, grade, grass, grain, graph, groom, grape, gravy, groan, grime, ground, gravel, grease, grumpy, grandpa, grated, grind,
  • pr – prince, princess, pretty, print, printer, press, prize, present, pram, pray, prod, price, proud, prick, prove, project, private, pretend, primary, program,
  • shr – Shrek, shrivel, shrink, shrug, shrub, shrew, shred, shrimp, shriek,
  • tr – train, track, tray, tree, try, treasure, trip, trap, trim, trick, truck, tractor, tribe, trail.
  • thr – throne, three, throw, through, thrill, thread, throat, threat

Medial r blends

  • br – zebra, umbrella, eyebrow, hairbrush, cobra, gingerbread, library, Labrador, abracadabra
  • cr – secret, microscope, scarecrow, spacecraft, acrobat, microphone, across, increase, velcro
  • dr – children, hundred, screwdriver, laundry, bedroom, hairdryer, raindrops, cauldron, wardrobe
  • fr – afraid, kiwifruit, passionfruit, grapefruit, Africa, refrigerator, bullfrog, defrost, different
  • gr – angry, hungry, photographer, ingredient, kilogram, degree program
  • pr – apricot, shipwreck, surprise, apron, footprint, espresso, fingerprint, pinprick
  • tr – Australia, mattress, country, waitress, electric, firetruck, controls, pantry, entry