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Initial r blends

br – brain, brown, breathe, broom, bread, brim, bring, brew, break, brush, breeze, broken, broccoli, bright, brick, bride,

cr – crab, cry, croc, crib, crow, cross, crown, crack, crane, crawl, crust, crazy, creak, croak, crime, cream, crisp, creep, crepe, crumb, crate, crowd, crash, crush, create, cruise, crunch, cradle, crouch, crutches, crayon, creepy-crawly, crack, cricket, crooked, crown, crystal, crumble, crumpet, cracker, crunchy, crinkle, Christmas, creature, crossing, crayfish, crossword, crocodile, crosswalk.

dr – dry, draw, drop, drag, drip, drum, drive, drink, dress, dryer, dream, drill, drake, drone, drawers, drain, dragon,

fr – free, fry, friend, from, free, frog, fries, frame, front, frost, frown, froth, fresh, fruit, frill, freeze, fridge, freezer, frypan, frost, fright, fringe, frozen, frosty, fragile, freckles, frisbee,

gr – grow, grey, grub, grab, grid, granny, grip, grin, group, great, green, grade, grass, grain, graph, groom, grape, gravy, groan, grime, ground, gravel, grease, grumpy, grandpa, grated, grind,

pr – prince, princess, pretty, print, printer, press, prize, present, pram, pray, prod, price, proud, prick, prove, project, private, pretend, primary, program,

shr – Shrek, shrivel, shrink, shrug, shrub, shrew, shred, shrimp, shriek,

tr – train, track, tray, tree, try, treasure, trip, trap, trim, trick, truck, tractor, tribe, trail.

thr – throne, three, throw, through, thrill, thread, throat, threat

Medial r blends

br – zebra, umbrella, eyebrow, hairbrush, cobra, gingerbread, library, Labrador, abracadabra

cr – secret, microscope, scarecrow, spacecraft, acrobat, microphone, across, increase, velcro

dr – children, hundred, screwdriver, laundry, bedroom, hairdryer, raindrops, cauldron, wardrobe

fr – afraid, kiwifruit, passionfruit, grapefruit, Africa, refrigerator, bullfrog, defrost, different

gr – angry, hungry, photographer, ingredient, kilogram, degree porgram

pr – apricot, shipwreck, surprise, apron, footprint, espresso, fingerprint, pinprick

tr – Australia, mattress, country, waitress, electric, firetruck, controls, pantry, entry

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Initial r blends – br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr

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Medial r blends – br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr