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I have been working as a speech pathologist since 1990.  Over this time I have accumulated a lot of resources across three different websites – BusyBugKits, SpeechBookShelf and BabyChatter.  This website is an amalgamation of this work.  I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients!


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sk/s – ski/see, skip/sip

sk/k – ski/key, scar/car

sl/s – slide/side, sling/sing

sl/l – slime/lime, slip/lip

sn/s – snail/sail, snap/sap

sn/n – snail/nail, snap/nap

sp/s – speed/seed, spider/cider

sp/p – spy/pie, spill/pill

st/s – stick/sick, stand/sand

st/t – star/tar, stick/tick

sw/s – sweet/seat, swing/sing

sw/w – swing/wing, switch/witch

Download all ‘s blends’ minimal pairs