You can download an informal screener for all initial blends (s blends, r blends, l blends, w blends) here.  This screener has one picture for every initial blend to help with target setting.

An informal screener for final blends can be downloaded here. This screener has one picture for all final blends in words – (eg st-ghost,  sk -desk,  lk – milk,  lp – help. etc) 

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snake, smell, skip, spider, black, clock, flower, glue, crown, dragon, frog, sprinkler, string, twin, queen, shrimp, scrabble and more!
ghost, wasp, desk, milk, scalp, salt, wolf, gold, fox, hump, lunch, hand, gift and more!

Initial s blends

sk – sky, scar, score, ski, skirt, scuba, skate, skip, scooter, skull, scorpion, school, skeleton, scarf, scared, scale, scalp, score, skid, skin, skinny, skunk.

sl – sly, slug, slot, slow, slim, slip, sled, slam, sleep, sleeve, slice, slide, slime, sling, slope, sleuth, slushy, slippers,

sm – smog, smart, smoke, smile, smell, small, smash, smudge, smooth, smoothie, smarties.

sn – snap, snip, snow, snack, snake, snoop, snout, snore, snail, sniff, snatch, sneeze, snooze, snowman

sp – spy, spa, spot, spin, spud, speed, spade, space, spice, spine, sport, spell, spoon, spill, sponge, spoil, spatula, spanner, sparkle, spare, speak, special, spike, spear, spider, spaghetti

st – stop, stab, stay, star, stem, stick, step, stir, stork, stand, start, steal, stone, storm, stool, story, stump, stack, stare, sting, stair, steer, stink, stuff, stamp, steak, stuff, stove, statue, stapler, start, stage, stall, steam, steeple, stereo, store,

sw – swim, swap, swan, swat, sway, swoop, swarm, swiss, swing, sweep, swipe, swoop, swirl, swamp, sweat, sweet, switch, swiper, swivel.

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Medial s blends

sk – biscuit, rescue, escape, basket, telescope, whiskers, basketball, iceskate

sl – asleep, muesli, whistling, wrestling, gosling

sw – crosswalk, flyswat, crossword, beeswax

sp – whisper, teaspoon, passport, hospital, suspect, crispy, asparagus, display, newspaper.

st – toaster, pasta, lipstick, costumes, sister, chopsticks, Easter, rooster, mister.

sm – Christmas, policeman, placemat, spaceman, Tasmania, asthma

sn – Disney, parsnip, rattlesnake.

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Final s blends

sp – wasp, crisp, clasp

sk – ask, mask, tusk, desk, disc, flask

st – toast, cast, ghost, breakfast, nest, crust, post, last, first

ks (x) – mix, fix, fox, wax, box, six, socks, rocks, locks

kst (xt) – next, text, sixty

Plurals galore!

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S Blends are words with st, sp, sk, sl, sm, sw or sn.  We have listed some of our favourites with snow, sticks, snails and Spot!

Snow is my favourite and my best.  This book from the Charlie and Lola series is best suited to 3 years and up.  Lola loves the snow and all the winter activities that go with it.  Many, many opportunities to practice the word ‘snow’ and ‘snowman’.  Other targets include – sleep, sledge, slide, skate, swim.

Words to Try –  snow, snowman, sleep, sledge, slide, skate, swim

Stick Man.  This Julia Donaldson book is a very cute story about a Stick Man who gets lost from his family.  He has many adventures on his way back to his home and his wife the ‘Stick Lady Love!”  It is a longer story which may be more suited to 4 years and up, but can be shortened if needed.  The chant ‘Stick Man oh Stick Man’ is repeated through the story and is a good phrase for practice.  There are other targets too – swan, snow.

Words to Try – Stick Man, swan, snow.

Spot’s First Easter.  All of the Spot Books are great for ‘sp’ practice!  This book is about Spot on an Easter Egg hunt and has the usual lift the flaps on each page.  There are a five eggs to find in the garden.  The medial blend ‘Easter’ can be repeated.  Other target words – Spot, Easter, snail, star, slug.

Words to Try – Spot, snail, star, slug, Easter.

The Snail and the Whale. Another Julia Donaldson classic about a snail that goes on a wandering adventure around the world on the back of a whale.

Words to Try –  snail.

The Very Busy Spider.   A spider spins her web all day.  One by one the farm animals ask her to play but she is too busy until she catches a fly.  Many opportunities to practice  the target ‘spider’ on every page.

Words to Try – spider

Skelly the Skeleton Girl. This is a story for preschoolers about a skeleton girl who tries to find the owner of a bone she has found. It is a very simple story, not too scary with beautiful illustrations.

Words to Try-  – skeleton, Skelly, scary, spooky.

Pip & Posy- The Super Scooter. The Pip and Posy series are very cute with clear illustrations and simple story lines.  They are suitable for toddlers and young preschoolers.  In this story Pip has a new scooter which everyone wants to ride.  Posy snatches it and then falls off in the park.  Lots of other animals in the park on the swings and slide come to help.

Words to Try-  – scooter, snatch, swing, slide, snail.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Spaceship, Spaceship Zooming High. This is a 2 in one book of nursery rhymes.  The words are written with accompanying dark night night pictures.  There is also a small picture of the hand actions to copy.

Words to Try- The first traditional nursery rhyme has the target words- star, sky.  The second rhyme with the same tune is also ideal for  s blends!  Targets are spaceship, starry sky, past.

There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly.  This traditional story provides great opportunity to practice the word swallow on every page.  There is the additional target spider as well.

Words to Try- swallow, spider.

Splendid Spotted Snake. This book has a ribbon which is the snake through the book.  A tactile, novelty book which preschoolers will love. The colour of the snake’s spots keep changing.

Words to Try-  –  Snake, spots

 I Spy Little Toys. This is a board book with the I Spy theme of finding the named objects in a page of random toys.  This book is easier than some of the other I Spy books and can be used with 3 years and up.  As each page is turned the child can look for 2 objects on the opposite page to match.

Words to Try-  – I Spy a….  small, star, speedboat, snake.