Initial s 

  • CV – see, saw, sew, say, sigh, sir, sow, soy, sore, sour
  • CVC– soap, sign, seas, sun, sit, sad, six, surf, suit, soup, sick, sing, sad, sock, sail, safe, seal, sauce, 
  • soft, sink, sand, salt, 
  • 2/3 syllables – Santa, sandal, seven, sorry, circle, sandwich, scissors, second, soccer, city, sister, cereal, sultana, circus, sandpit, sunglasses, sausage

Medial s

  • pencil, lesson, missing, glasses, medicine, whistle, messy, dinosaur, possum, racing, castle, recycle, listen, princess, ice cream, muscle, baseball, insect, recipe, parcel

Final s

  • VC – ice, ass, us, ace,
  • CVC – house, mouse, rice, place, nice, bus, face, grass, horse, dress, class, race, juice, purse, miss, fence, case, goose, sauce, glass, nurse, chase, yes, pass,  
  • 2 syllables – office, lettuce, police, suitcase, necklace, tennis, bookcase

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Seaside Activity

Set up a river/sea activity with - sailboat, surf, signs, surf, seal, sand, sunnies, sandcastle, grass.

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Oh how we love Santa and his suit and his Christmas socks.


  • S – Initial – CV (Consonant Vowel Structure) – Articulation Sheet

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Our list of ‘s’ books with Santa, seals, socks, house and mice.  Most of these books are aimed at the 2-5 years age group.

  • Dear Santa.  This is a lift the flap book similar to the Dear Zoo book. There is a flap on each present (page) to look under.  Words to Try – Santa, so, sent.
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? Great book for practicing and repetition of the same phrases.  Phrases to Try– ‘What do you see.  I see a….’
  • The Wheels on the Bus.  Nursery rhymes are great for repetition at sentence level.  The tune or beat can help some children.  Words to Try-Wheels, bus.
  • Maisy goes on Vacation.  Maisy books have a simple familiar sequence.  Seaside settings also have some great ‘s’ words.  Words to Try – suitcase, Cyril, seaside, sandcastle, seashells.
  • That’s not my Santa.  From the touch and feel series ‘That’s not my…’  Nice easy phrase ‘not my Santa’ can be said on each page.  Words to Try-Santa, soft, sack, mouse.
  • Sizzles, where are you? This is a lift the flap book where children are looking for Sizzles the dog. Where has he hidden?  Lift the flaps to find ‘Sizzles’.  
  • Guess how much I love you.  This story of a hare telling its baby how much it is loved is a well known book. It’s a nice repetitive phrase to be used over and over ‘Guess how much’!   
  •  Mouse Moves House.  This early reader has a very simple rhyming text.  A little mouse is packing up and moving to his new ‘house’. Words to Try -mouse, house, suitcase.
  • Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss.  Lots of rhyming fun to be repeated over.  Words to Try– socks.
  • Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus .  The Pigeon series is very appealing to preschoolers.  In this story, there are many opportunities to use the word ‘bus’ and ‘please’!  Words to Try -bus, please.
  • I Went Walking.  Another old favourite with a repetitive chant.  On every page, your child can say “What did you see?’  ‘I saw a…..’ Words to try – see, saw, horse.  Phrases– ‘What did you see? ‘  “I saw a ….’
  •  Silly Sally.  This is a silly book!  Sally walks upside down everywhere and so do all the other animals.  Good for different phrases – ‘silly sally’  ‘silly pig’.  Words to try– silly, Sally, upside.   Phrases– silly Sally,  silly pig
  • Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.  This rhyming book has some repetitive phrases all the way through.  Toddlers can look at what the baby is doing.  There is a lot of detail in each page so different ‘s’ words can be pointed out.  Very good for the repetition of ‘he sits on …. what does he see?’  Words to Try– sits,  see.
  • Doctor Maisy .  Another Maisy book with a simple play sequence about doctors.  Words to try -nurse, dress, sick, nose.
  • Dear Zoo .  This lift the flap favourite has a catch phrase on every page.  A child asks the zoo to send him a pet but they keep sending elephants and giraffes!  As the child opens the flap they can use the phrase ‘sent me a….’.  Words to Try -zoo, so, sent.
  • Going to the Hospital .  This book about going to hospital is an introduction to lots of hospital / sickness words.  A little boy is admitted for a small operation and there is lots to see and understand.  Words to Try – six, sick, ears, nurse.
  • Spot can count .  All counting books are great for six, seven.  Spot works his way around the farm counting all the animals.  Words to Try – six, seven, mouse, horse, geese.
  • One Foot Two Feet. This book has plurals all the way through it.  1 Foot 2 Feet, 1 mouse 2 mice, 1 goose 2 geese and so on up to 10!  Each page has a cut out so that it can be changed from 1 item to 2 etc.  The contrast of one vs several of the item is highlighted well.  This book can also be used for irregular plurals – geese, teeth, mice etc.  Words to Try – mouse, goose, dice, octopus, person, 6, 7.