Word List

Initial sh

  • CV – shoe, she, show, share, shy
  • CVC– shoes, shop, ship, shape, sheep, shell, shirt, shorts, shark, chef, sharp, shut, shed, shine, shake, shave, shade, sheet, shelf, shoot, shout
  • 2 syllables – shadow, shampoo, shower, shovel, sugar, shoulder, shiny

Medial sh

  • fishing, lotion, potion, machine, washing, ocean, lashes, bushes, milkshake, cushion, tissue, mushroom, sushi, station, special, slushy, marshmallow, rashie,

Final sh

  • VC – ash
  • CVC – wash, smash, fish, brush, cash, dish, rash, push, crush, leash, wish, fresh, flush, bush, splash, toothbrush
  • 2 syllables – rubbish, finish, 

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Ocean activities lend themselves to lots of 'sh' practice! If you set up an ocean tray - you can get these 'sh' targets -  fish, shark, ocean, treasure, shell, starfish, ship.

'SH" Mini Kit

Take a look at our mini toy kit which includes; fish, sharks, a ship and much more! Go to the SHOP for more info.

Don't Push the Button

Another book which is popular amongst many children. Lots of 'push' 'shake' and other words as you read!

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Kids Books

  • On a Pirate Ship.  A simple story about friendly pirates looking for treasure.  Lots of opportunity to say the target word – ship.
  • Where is the Green Sheep? Lots of great ‘sh’ words at phrase level.  Red sheep, thin sheep etc.  Such a lovely repetitive book with so many chances at saying ‘sheep’.  Phrases to Try- red sheep, thin sheep.
  • Sharing a Shell.  Beautifully illustrated and glittery and shiny.  A crab needs to look for a new shell and when he finds it he won’t share it.  Words to Try– shell,  share, fish.
  • Shark in the Dark.  A nice little cut through book where you think you have seen a shark on each page.  But have you?Word to Try– shark.
  • Smiley Shark –  Another book to practice the target word – shark.  Smiley shark scares all the other fish away until he rescues them from the net at the end.  Words to Try- shark, starfish, puffer fish.
  • Commotion in the Ocean.  Very colourful rhyming book about sea creatures.  On each page there is a description of a new sea creature.   Lots of mixed targets to practice – fish, shark, shell, starfish, ocean, commotion.  Words to Try- fish, shark, shell, starfish, ocean, commotion.
  • Going Shopping.  A book about mum and the kids visiting the shops.  Words to Try– shop, shopping trolley, push.
  • Centipede’s 100 Shoes.  A funny story about a centipede who needs new shoes.
  • The Sheep Fairy.  A sheep who wants to fly is granted a wish.  He flies over the town.
  • Sheep on a Ship.  A rhyming book about pirate sheep on a pirate ship.  Lots of phrase level repetitions here in this short story.
  • A Squash & a Squeeze. An old favourite by Julia Donaldson.  A little old lady has a small house which gets even smaller with each animal!  Plenty of pages to practice ‘Squash and a Squeeze’.  Phrase to Try- ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’
  • Splish, Splash, Splat.  Very cute illustrations about a cat on a playdate  and a swimming lesson.
  • Don’t Push the Button. Larry (a purplish monster) tells us his rule – don’t push the button.  A great big red button is shown on many pages for the chant – Don’t Push the button.
  • Mrs McNosh Hangs out the Wash.  A crazy mum hangs out clothes but then everything else on the line.  A phone, newspaper, the cat etc.  Lots of great targets to repeat here.  Words to Try– McNosh, wash, washing line, shorts, shirt, shoe.
  • Mrs Wishy Washy series.  Mrs Wishy Washy is a farmer who likes to wash all the muddy animals, but they keep getting dirty!  Lots of rhyming text and repetition of the target – wishy washy.
  • Smash, Crash, Mash.  Big gobbling rubbish trucks are going down the streets collecting all types of rubbish – lamps, furniture, food.  But it’s the noise as they go which will create your targets – crash, smash, mash, rubbish, trash.  Words to Try- crash, smash, mash, rubbish, trash.
  • Fish Had a Wish. This fish wishes he could be something else – he wants to be a bird, a snake etc.  So many great ways to practice the targets  – wish, fish.
  • Hooray for Fish!  Very colourful and engaging book for young children by the author of Maisy.  Many, many word and phrase level targets for fish – stripy fish, spotty fish.  (similar to Where is the Green Sheep?)
  • Splash! This story has a counting theme about things falling in a pond.  However, each time there is a nice opportunity to say ‘Splash’ and there are also goldfish to count.