Word List

Initial t

  • CV – tea, toe, tie, two, toy, tear, ta(thank you),
  • CVC– tap, ten, tin, tag, top, teeth, time, talk, take, tub, tug, tank, tick, ted, tall, tail, tape, tart, team, toad, torch, TV, tight, tired, took, touch, turn, tongue, tell, test, toast, tools, text, taste, tank
  • 2 syllables – teacher, table, tiny, tissue, today, toilet, towel, teddy, turtle, ticket, tiger, tickle, turkey, tomato, tummy, toothbrush

Medial t

  • button, kitten, mitten, eighteen, nineteen, turtle, guitar, water, hotel, city, butter, little, better, lettuce, photo, pretty, dirty, dentist, bottle, bottom, spaghetti, potty, naughty, party, potato, butterfly, tomato

Final t

  • VC – eat, it, out, at, art, oat, eight
  • CVC – hat, cat, rat, sit, put, hit, hot, cot, nut, light, kite, night, bite, white, boat, feet, wet, heart, goat, pot, what, hurt, mat, cut, meat, get, seat, shut, shirt, bite, write, wait, bat, boot, cute, fruit, ant, flat, quiet, street
  • 2 syllables – basket, jacket, pocket, parrot, toilet, rabbit, minute, about, rocket, robot, yoghurt, blanket, wombat, biscuit, carrot, chocolate, donut, wallet, Vegemite


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Our list of books with ‘t’ sounds.  Some at the beginning of the word (tooth, tummy, toes) and some focussing on the ends of words (boat, pirate).  Mostly suitable for toddlers and preschoolers

  • The Tooth Fairy. From the popular Peppa Pig series.  Peppa is eating dinner and out pops her first tooth.  This is a simple story about Peppa losing a tooth and the tooth fairy arriving.  Perfect for lots of ‘t’ practice.  Words to Try- tooth, teeth, tooth fairy, take, tiny, tired, time, night, out.

  • Maisy Goes Camping.   Another Maisy favourite with all the friends going camping.  They love the tent and everyone tries to fit into it!  Lots of repetition of the same phrases and easy clear pictures for young children.  Words to Try- tent, time, torch, two in a tent, tuwhoo!

  • Spot Counts to Ten  by Eric Hill. Any counting books are great for ‘t’ practice. (and ‘f’!)  This is a simple counting book for Spot fans.  Words to Try- two, ten.

  • That’s not my Teddy.  This touch and feel series is great in so many ways!  Suitable for toddlers, the repetition is very good for practice of the target words.  The phrase ‘not my teddy’ and the phrase ‘ it’s too……’ is repeated quite simply throughout.  Words to Try- teddy,  too …., not

  • The Tickle Book.  This book is ideal for more active learners.  There are flaps to lift, tabs to pull and wheels to turn.  On each page is a ‘ticklemonster’ to be found.  Lots of animal actions too.  Words to Try- tickle, cat, turtle, tea, night.

  • Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes.   This Mem Fox classic tale is about babies all over the world.  The chant ’10 little fingers and 10 little toes’ is repeated all the way through the book.  It is a sweet little book full of large easy illustrations.  You can use sentence completion with children to cue the ‘t’ sounds in ‘ten’ and ‘toes’.  Words to Try- ten, toes.

  • My wobbly tooth must not never fall out.  This is a longer book for preschoolers from the Charlie and Lola series.  Lola is scared that her tooth will fall out.  There is a lot of advice from her friends about how to get it out and what the tooth fairy will bring!  Words to Try- tooth, out.

  • Whose Tail is this?  This series of ‘whose’ books is wonderful for repetition of the same words.  On each page is a tail for the child to guess who it might belong to.  Great for practice at word level or phrase level!  Words to Try- tail,  whale’s tail / tigers tail etc

  •  The Wind Blew. In this sequenced text, the wind blows away one item followed by another and another etc.  It is a simple sequence for toddlers or preschoolers with lots of ‘t’ final words.  Words to Try- hat, out, kite, shirt.

  • Ten Tiny Tickles.  A book for babies and toddlers.  A baby is tickled in this counting book from 1 – 10.  One tickle on the head and so on.  Words to try- tickle, tiny, two, ten, eight, toes, tummy.

  • Tough Boris. This is a wonderfully emotive book by Mem Fox.  Suitable for preschoolers.  It is about a pirate who although tough, has a soft spot for his parrot.  There is a rhythm to this text, although not strictly a rhyming one.  The predictability lends itself to some easy phrases for ‘t’ practice.  Words to try- tough, pirate, parrot.

  • Time for Bed. Another Mem Fox book suitable for toddlers and older.  It’s night time and all the animals are going to sleep.  ‘Time for Bed’ is said on every page as each animal baby is put to bed.  Phrase to Try- time for bed.

  • Hippo has a hat.  All the animals are trying on new clothes in this short book.  Sometimes they don’t fit very well!  The Zebra’s zip is stuck and the pig’s jeans are too tight.  Nice big colourful pages with simple rhyming text.  Words to Try- tiger, toad, tight, cat, coat, hat, goat, start.

  • Toes, Ears & Nose.  This is a lift the flap book suitable for toddlers and young preschoolers.  Each page has a flap to lift to find another body part underneath.  Lift the glasses and there are the eyes, lift the boots and there are the toes.  Words to Try- toes, tummy, tongue, teeth, feet.

  • Topsy and Tim go on a Train.  This simple book is more suited to preschoolers.  The twins Topsy and Tim go on a train to visit their granny.  There is an opportunity to say Topsy and Tim on every page so lots of practice here.  There are also some other ‘t’ words and many more difficult ‘t blend’ words (train, trolley) which can be omitted from practice until the other ‘t’ words have been mastered.  Words to Try- Topsy, Tim, taxi, time, tickets, platform 2, tunnel, wait, sit.