CV – boo, chew, coo, do, loo, moo, poo, roo, shoe, two, who, you, zoo

CVC – boot, choose, food, goose, hoop, hoot, juice, loop, loose, lose, moon, move, roof, room, rude, soup, suit, toot, tooth, 

blue, broom, bruise, clue, flute, fruit, glue, grew, group, prune, scoop, screw, spoon, stool, 

2 syllables – balloon, bedroom, canoe, chewy, gumboot, igloo, mushroom, noodle, poodle, rooster, scooter, shampoo, smoothie, suitcase, today, tutu

How to produce this sound

Lips are rounded and pushed forward with a long sound.

This is a hooting owl sound.

  1.  “Boo’ – peek a boo games with a blanket are easy !

  2. ‘moo’ – cows on the farm

  3. shoes – download game below


Instructions – match the shoes to the character. Useful for...

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