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Why I like Low Tech

I was thinking about my ‘favourite’ clients today. You know the ones. Yay its Thursday and Milly is coming in!

The ones you look forward to seeing. The ones whose faces light up when they see you too!

I got to wondering why are they so great to work with? Is it that…

  • I feel confident about our goals
  • I’m using evidenced based practice
  • We are making progress
  • Parents/carers are complimentary
  • It feels easy

But to be honest it’s that and so much more.

I think it’s about the connection. We’ve made it! We are on the same wave length.

And that’s what I wanted to talk about today. This is why I advocate low-tech therapy sessions with our younger clients. I’m not against technology (I have a full suite of Apple products) but I want that connection with my clients AND I want parents to see and repeat all these lovely moments that happen when we are working on our goals.

Board games, paper-based activities, books, and role play toys are the foundations of our practice. Making connections. This is what we do best and why we make a difference in this world.

Do you have some clients that are on the same wavelength?