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I have been working as a speech pathologist since 1990.  Over this time I have accumulated a lot of resources across three different websites – BusyBugKits, SpeechBookShelf and BabyChatter.  This website is an amalgamation of this work.  I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients!


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Using Minis #1

Shopping game

This is an easy win for using minis in therapy.

Set up a “shop” to buy all the minis from the cashier.  You can take turns being the customer or the cashier.  The customer selects minis and puts them in a shopping bag.  The cashier scans and swipes the payment. 


  • Cash register  / old mobile phone  (eftpos type machine)
  • Credit card (loyalty card will do!) or play money
  • Shopping bag or basket

Goal Ideas

  1.  Phonology Targets – all minis targeting a specific sound  (eg ‘sh’ – shoe, shark, sheep, tissue, fish).       
  2. Language Targets 
  • Question forms “Can I have…..?”
  • Vocabulary expansion – eg have a pet shop with many different animals 
  •  Receptive language – “Where is the …..(fish)?”
  • Turn taking

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