VC – arm, ha, art, arc, arch

CV – baa, car, far, jar, ha, ma, pa

CVC  – bark, barn, bath, calf, card, cart, charm, dark, farm, half, harp, heart, large, laugh, march, palm, park, pass, path, shark, sharp, start, tart, yard

1 syllable – blast, class, fast, glass, grass, last, mask, raft, scar, scarf, star, start

2 syllable – basket, castle, farmer, llama, party, (ba)nana


How to produce this sound


Open the mouth wide and make a long sound.

Simple target to start is a dinosaur or crocodile opening the mouth and saying ‘ah’.

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  1.  ‘Ah’ sounds are one of the first vowels children acquire with an open mouth plus voice. Start with dinosaurs, crocodiles and lions who say ‘ah’ with a big open mouth.

  2. A doctor set is useful.  You can prompt ‘ah’ for looking in the mouth with a torch.  You can also listen to teddy’s heart.

  3. Add arms to monsters so that you can have multiple attempts at ‘arm’ .