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Why I Like Low Tech – Part 2

This is part 2 of using low or no tech in speech therapy with young children.  We all know how important play development is in children with speech and language difficulties.  But does it ever feel pushed to the side?

Do the 3 points below resonate with you?

  1. When I ask parents about action songs / nursery rhymes they use with their toddler, they don’t have any in their repertoire.  Hint – Sometimes I put on “Old McDonald had a Farm” in the car.
  2. When I ask parents about toys, they tell me about Vtech, IPad ABCs or Flashcards
  3. When I ask parents about favourite board games at home, they can’t think of any!

This is one of the easiest and most satisfying parts of an intervention program with a family.  You can set up some really lovely and enjoyable play times for a family which form the basis for so many of your future goals.

  • Building those lovely connections with babies and toddlers during action songs are vital.  I myself particularly like ‘Row Row your Boat’ because it can be done with baby on your lap or a bigger child on the ground.  Most (not all) young children laugh and enjoy this action song and it can be requested and played again and again.  I like to give out a handout with all the words and actions written down (see below).  They can find their own family favourite.
  • It is very easy to help parents set up a ‘home corner’.  They can replicate at home what you might use in the clinic – baby bath, bed, high chair, pretend food/kitchen.  It doesn’t need to be new and can be often made up of plastic plates and boxes if needed.
  • Board games and card games – so many to choose from.  So many family memories to be made here.  All the lovely connections and interactions we want to build on in therapy.  Start with Snap Cards or a simple Dice game.

NB.  Clinicians are there to work with parents.  Be sensitive in your approach to imparting information.  New parents want to do their best and it’s not their fault if they don’t have all the info.  That’s why you’re there! Help them find things that work for their family setup.

Check out the Nursery Rhymes for Parents Download here.