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I have been working as a speech pathologist since 1990.  Over this time I have accumulated a lot of resources across three different websites – BusyBugKits, SpeechBookShelf and BabyChatter.  This website is an amalgamation of this work.  I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients!


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1. Zoo Enclosure

Set up a zoo with enclosures, water troughs, feeding time and a zookeeper and visitors.  Put signs on the fences and have the zookeeper drive around feeding the animals.  Great way to practice animal sounds and names.

2.  Safari

Put some people in a bus/van.  Use some binoculars to look at the animals and make the sounds.


3.  Vet set

Use a medical kit with the ‘sick’ animals.  Put on some bandages and use the medical kit to help them.



This is our recommended list for toddlers and preschoolers learning about animals.    

Handa’s Surprise.  A girl goes walking with a basket of fruit on her head.  Little does she know that as she walks the animals have been stealing them!  This is a visually appealing book with a nice steady rhythm and sequence.   Great for preschoolers linking ideas.

Words to Try – monkey, elephant, emu, giraffe.

Dear Zoo.  A classic story for very young children to flip the pages over.  A great book for learning som basic animal names but also for using adjectives and linking words (conjunctions).

Words to Try – scary snake, grumpy camel, naughty monkey.

Buster’s Zoo .   Another toddler book with animals to touch and feel different textures.

DK My First Zoo.  Picture dictionary of lots of different zoo animals. A big range.

I have been working as a speech pathologist in early intervention for over 30 years. I work with toddlers and preschoolers but have recently found a passion for literacy intervention. I’m a bit camera shy so you won’t find many pictures of me on Instagram. I enjoy making resources for my clients and share these on my website. I hope it helps you when you are working with your little clients! I have recently discovered Mini Objects. They make therapy more fun! You can find them in my Shop. Read More

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